Introducing a Novel Way of Learning

Geography Competitions

Our Geography Tournaments are exclusively designed to bring together the best geography students from schools of all public and private sectors across the world for a memorable week of competitions with a geography-based theme, the opportunity to meet students with similar interests and abilities from around the world, and institutes to recognize the best of their capabilities in the subject.

Mathematics Competitions

FEMIAKINKUDGBE FOUNDATION is delighted to organize various mathematics competitions to examine students’ aptitudes, such as problem-solving skills, analytical and critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, and logic, to begin with. Our objective is to help students learn qualities such as thinking outside the box and handling pressure–traits that will help them in the longer run.

Science Competitions

Our science competitions provide a forum for students to manifest their scientific knowledge. It also enables students to collaborate in groups. Our healthy competition on this subject allows students to work closely together, learn and grow with one another.

Economics Competitions

Our educational objective behind competitions on the subject of economics is centered on assisting students in developing real-world skills. Our student activities and contests encourage economic and financial education in an engaging, entertaining, and, most importantly, experiential manner.