GROW WITH Femi Akinkugbe Foundation Inc.

Are you in quest of building academia, different from mainstream educational dynamics? We help you redefine the conventional learning system, allowing you to prosper in scholastic disciplines you have profound knowledge and command to rule over.

Femi Akinkugbe Foundation Inc.An Innovative Academic Experience

Femi Akinkugbe Foundation Inc. is a non-profit organization founded to alleviate poverty among global children through education. Equity, academic performance, reflective practice, curricular integration, and advocacy are all integral to our mission.

The foundation aims to host a variety of academic and global knowledge competitions, including but not limited to English essay contests, Mathematics, Science, Politics, Economics, Geography, and so on. These tournaments will include students from elementary, middle, and high schools.

Our Mission & Vision

We aim to minimize or eradicate ignorance and to bridge the academic and global knowledge gap between public and private schools, thereby gradually lifting the economic class out of poverty and into the middle class.

Through these healthy competitions, we envision a meaningful learning experience for students to interact with other students and teachers in a variety of areas. The students will do research, learn about different subjects, and obtain the skills in a fun and creative manner. In addition, these competitions will allow educational institutes to find and nourish their aptitudes in their respective subjects, helping parents decide which school matches their child’s potential.

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