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Femi Akinkugbe Foundation Inc. An Innovative Academic Experience


Femi Akinkugbe Foundation Inc. is a non-profit organization founded to alleviate poverty among global children through education. Equity, academic performance, reflective practice, curricular integration, and advocacy are all integral to our mission.
The foundation aims to host a variety of academic and global knowledge competitions, including but not limited to English essay contests, Mathematics, Science, Politics, Economics, Geography, and so on. These tournaments will include students from elementary, middle, and high schools.

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Our Competitions

We test students’ academics and world knowledge via exclusively designed competitions worldwide. Register with us and compete with other schools today.

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Geography Competitions

To evaluate students’ mastery over geographical knowledge about the world.

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Mathematics Competitions

To examine students’ aptitudes, such as problem-solving skills, analytical and critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, and logic.

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Science Competitions

To manifest their scientific knowledge. It also enables students to collaborate in groups.

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Sowing the Seeds of Success in Naïve Minds. Harvesting the Leaders of Tomorrow.

Femi Akinkugbe Foundation Inc. aims to establish a community dedicated to learning and growing with practical knowledge, synchronizing to the prevailing worldly needs. Our purpose is to develop influential thinkers and problem-solvers by empowering the future generation via dynamically guided curriculum, pedagogy, and educational leadership.
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